Phases of HCG Diet

The HCG diet can be best introduced by explaining the phases. Dr. Simeons who originally created the HCG diet didn’t use any phases to explain his set of rules however people find it beneficial and easier to understand the diet plan in phases.

The HCG diet phases were introduced by Kevin Trudeau in his famous book ??The Weight Loss cure “They” Don’t Want You to Know About’ in which he reintroduced the HCG diet drops to the world.

There are typically four phases in the HCG diet plan which are now famous worldwide as a strategy for weight loss. They are:

HCG Phase-1 – Preparatory Phase

HCG Phase-1 is also known as the preparatory phase where the focus is on preparing for the diet. It is not a part of the original plan created by Dr Simeons and was introduced by Kevin Trudeau. This is an important phase but somehow many people often tend to ignore it. It involves taking food with high calories and fat for about 2 – 3 days along with HCG consumption. This marks the commencement of all HCG schedule and is critical to success because the body would attempt to deposit lipids and new fat cells however the HCG hormone will act against it. Instead of storing new fat, the body will start to loose and mobilize lipids and fat. Once the diet plan is started, these recently mobilized fats and lipids result in exceptionally speedy weight loss. It is critical to ensure that HCG drops are regularly taken and shouldn’t be missed during the entire regime.

HCG Phase-2 – Beginning Phase

HCG Phase-2 is time duration where the weight loss happens and is spread across 26 to 43 days. This phase can be explained in three parts: · Loading Phase. The first three days of second phase are called the beginning days because you are required to consume a lot of high fat foods to reload the healthy reserve of fat and making the first week easier. You start the consumption of HCG diet drops on day one and it lasts for two days. · Core Phase. This is the key part of second phase usually lasting for 21 to 38 days. You are required to eat a special 500 calorie diet while continuing to take the HCG diet drops. The HCG drops ensure that the weight loss occurs from the irregular fat deposits and helps to make you feel relaxed on the diet. · Taper Phase. It denotes the last three days of second phase where you will continue to take the 500 calorie diet but stop the consumption of HCG diet drops. This gives the HCG a few days time to work their way out of the system before you proceed to the next phase.

HCG Phase-3 – Stabilization Phase

HCG Phase-3 is spread over 21 days or three weeks and is also known as the Stabilization Phase because the purpose of this phase is to stabilize the new weight. This phase requires you to stop taking the HCG drops and allows you to eat anything apart from starch and sugar.

HCG Phase-4 – Maintenance Phase

The 4th Phase of HCG is also called the Maintenance Phase. The body weight has stabilized up to this point and no dietary restrictions are in effect any longer . You are not required to take the HCG drops and are just maintaining what is already done. This phase lasts for 21 days or three weeks and you can start another round of the HCG drops diet if required.

Round :

In case you target to lose a lot of weight then you may be required to repeat the HCG diet’s phases. Each cycle of the repetition of these phases is called a ’round’. An interesting way to explain the current stage in the diet plan is by using shorthand. For example: · R1 P2 D3 denotes being in Round 1, Phase 2 at Day 3

It is to be noted you need to purchase authentic HCG drops for weight loss. If you buy homeopathic HCG drops it won’t help in weight loss.